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J’ai toujours été pragmatique : A chaque problème il y a une solution. Après avoir cherché longtemps comment améliorer la taille de mon sexe j’ai trouvé GoViril.


how to get rid of cellulite

Listen folks. Cellulite is not a ‘problem’. It is not a flaw. Cellulite is a normal function of the way women’s bodies store fat. 80-90% of women have cellulite to some degree. Lean women have cellulite, healthy women have cellulite, vegan women have cellulite, paleo women have cellulite, celebrities have cellulite, body builders have cellulite, bikini models have cellulite, women in isolated cultures who still live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle have cellulite, women with access to unlimited amounts of plastic surgery have cellulite. Most of the women reading this have cellulite. You’re not flawed. You’re normal. Don’t believe me? Still want to argue that it’s ‘toxins’ or laziness or agriculture? Read my follow-up to this post :


How to be happy in life

Want to know How to be happy in life? Watch this video by Tess Hunneybell the founder and director of “The How to be Happy Course”, “The Work Happier Course” and “Make Love Your Goal”. This video has some great tip on how to be happy.