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Nettoyage Conduit Montreal companies can keep the air inside your home clean. Airplus in Montreal has 25 years of experience. Check out this very informative video about them.


Trasplante Capilar FUE

Con nuestra avanzada técnica de extracción de unidades foliculares primero es necesario rapar el cabello. A continuación se extrae individualmente cada unidad folicular de la parte posterior de la cabeza. Después se implantan en la zona receptora con la correcta densidad y angulación. El pelo transplantado entrará en fase de reposo y caerá en 3 ó 4 semanas quedando el folículo bajo la piel. A partir del tercer o cuarto mes el folículo comienza a generar pelo sano, natural y definitivo.


Immigration Marriage Interview

A fiction based on marriage fraud interview taking place at the immigration office. Every year thousands of immigrants apply for American permanent residence through marriage. There are many immigrants in the US, some staying legally, many others illegally too, most of them want to stay over in the US and receive a green card. Green card through marriage is a commonly tried and tested method; where marrying an American citizen makes the spouse qualify for a green card and ultimately citizenship, which of course has to be approved by the immigration authorities. For this the beneficiary and the petitioner both have to go through an interview at the immigrations office, where they have to prove the authenticity of their marriage.